Allergic reactions to tattoo beats have been found

Allergic reactions to tattoo beats have been found

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The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment has discovered a probable cause of a tattoo allergy, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes. The study showed: when applying a tattoo, not only toxic substances from paint, but also metal particles of needles get into the body. They include iron, nickel and chromium, which are allergens.

It is generally accepted that an adverse reaction to a tattoo can develop due to the paint itself, which gets into the lymph nodes, among other things. Doctors first talked about metal particles. They made this discovery by examining the skin and lymph nodes of dead people with tattoos.

The particles consisted of a mixture of iron, chromium and nickel. They apparently fell into the body from needles. Also found titanium. It can also be found in many dyes. This confirmed the study of the composition of paints and needles. So, tattoo needles contained 6-8% nickel, 15-20% chromium and steel.