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The secret of longevity has been revealed

The secret of longevity has been revealed

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Employees at Edith Cowan University have tracked the diet of more than 53,000 people for 23 years. According to The Daily Mail, it turned out that consuming half a gram of flavonoids per day, less likely to die from cancer and heart disease. This also increases the percentage of longevity.

Experts advise eating apples, oranges, broccoli, blueberries. Flavonoids in them will help maintain vascular health and suppress inflammation, which is associated with diseases of the cardiovascular system, and cancer. It is reported that the study found: people who consumed approximately 500 milligrams of phalavonoids per day were 36% less likely to die from any cause in 23 years.This also promises a longevity.

Mortality due to cardiovascular complications decreased by 38%, and due to cancer - by 36%. Flavonoids worked especially well in the bodies of smokers and people who had a difficult relationship with alcohol (they consumed more than two alcoholic drinks per day). But an excess of consumption of 500 milligrams did not give any advantages.