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The ideal New Year's table

The ideal New Year's table

The ideal New Year's table should be both varied and healthy. Prepare light vegetable salads and snacks, instead of mayonnaise, use vegetable (olive) oils, lemon juice. Try to cook your snacks in portions so that the portions are small. For a hot dish, choose lean poultry or fish (they can be baked or stewed), these products contain an easily digestible protein that digests faster than red meat. As marinades, use not mayonnaise and sour cream, but lemon juice, wine, vinegar. Bake, stew, or oven-bake vegetables for a side dish.
In addition, you need to try to exclude fatty foods and alcohol from the diet, because. Fatty foods in combination with alcohol are a huge risk of inflammation of the pancreas.

For dessert, instead of unhealthy sweets, make a dessert of fruits with nuts, chocolate, fruit salad.

Or postpone dessert for the next day because overeating can lead to digestive problems.

You also need to try to observe the water regime. Drinking enough water helps to reduce appetite and prevent overeating.

Do not forget about physical activity on the holiday (walk, dance, etc.) to burn those extra calories.

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