Healthy daily regimen

Healthy daily regimen

Changing habits is the key to healthy and sound sleep, experts say

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Western experts, RIA Novosti reports, have made recommendations that can improve the quality of sleep. In particular, they advise against watching the news before bed. The news threatens to create anxiety that will prevent you from smoothly going to sleep.

Tense conversations are also harmful. Experiments have shown that negative emotions from such conversations are more difficult to "digest" at night. The habit of working before bed, right in bed, can also affect the quality of sleep. According to experts, bed should only be associated with sleep and sex. It is extremely harmful to use phones at night. Do not leave the lights on, because the "sleep hormone" - melatonin - is released only in the dark.

Somnologists are skeptical about exercise. According to them, many are trying to exhaust themselves in this way in order to sleep better, but the effect will be the opposite. Excessive arousal is also created by caffeinated drinks and alcohol (breaks the architecture of sleep).