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You can speed up the process of weight loss by half if you drink milk

You can speed up the process of weight loss by half if you drink milk

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According to the "Southern Federal", American scientists drew attention to skim milk. An experiment was conducted with the participation of two groups of women who were on the same diet and adhered to the same training regimen, but drank different drinks. One glass a day was consumed.

It turned out that the use of skim milk allowed to accelerate the process of weight loss and muscle building. The secret lies in vitamin D. It helps to burn body fat. The study showed that 50% of overweight people are deficient in vitamin D. Calcium and protein from milk also produce a positive effect.

By the way, the fashion for milk substitutes threatens with serious problems on a global scale. According to experts, over the past 20 years, people 18-35 years old began to consume cow's milk by 30% less. Analogues of plant origin, soy, almond and coconut milk, are becoming more popular.

As a result, people who refuse conventional milk have a deficiency of vitamin D. As a result, calcium is poorly absorbed. In 73% of cases, this provokes the development of osteoporosis, increases bone fragility and increases the frequency of fractures. At the same time, metabolism is disrupted, weight increases and immunity decreases.