Scientists have developed an advanced "electronic drug"

Topics: Research, Invention, Technology

Electronic pills - one of the most promising areas of modern medicine. Recently, these tablets have been created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, reports "Hi-News". The main "plus" of this pill is a long-lasting effect and even the possibility of making a diagnosis. In addition, the tablet can be controlled remotely.

Scientists used the method of layered three-dimensional printing to obtain tablets. The emerging structure allows you to gradually release the filling (there can be any medicine). Full removal of the pill from the body occurs after 36 days. At the same time, the tablet is equipped with Bluetooth sensors, which are able to transmit information about the body and the work of the tablet to the smartphone, and also allow you to control the tablet.

The developers say: "Our system provides a closed cycle of monitoring and treatment, in which the signal can cause drug delivery or fine-tuning of its dose. Self-isolation of a wireless signal protects the device from unwanted connections for added security and privacy." Experiments with people have not yet begun - the pill was tested only on the simulator. But full-fledged clinical trials should be completed in the next two years.