Memo to parents of pediatrician

Dear parents!
The MMR vaccine (against measles, rubella, mumps) is usually given for 9–15 months, and dose 2 is 15 months and 6 years. The interval between 2 injections should be at least 4 weeks.
If a child is 6–11 months old, the risk of infection is high, if he travels around the world, then vaccination can be carried out at this age period. However, after 1 year it should be vaccinated twice.

If the child previously had any of these diseases (measles, rubella, mumps), he should be vaccinated against other diseases and there is no contraindication.
If the child is currently taking antibiotics, he can be vaccinated and there is no indication.
If the disease is lung (the doctor determines this degree), it can be vaccinated.
If a child aged 6-11 months is healthy and not at risk, vaccination is delayed until the age of 1 year.
If children older than 7 years are at risk, they are vaccinated. 2 injections and a pause between at least 4 weeks.
Patients with pregnant women, patients with immunity, radiation therapy and chemotherapy do not receive the MMR vaccine for long-term (more than 2 weeks) patients receiving steroids, that is, hormones

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