For the first time in Azerbaijan, a doctor who performed a brain surgery in a 3-month-old baby

Although neurosurgery is not a new field in Azerbaijani medicine, the number of professional neurosurgeons in our country is relatively small. Neurosurgeon Rauf Sadigov, who performs very serious and complex brain surgery, is one of them.

Rauf Sadigov, who conducted many difficult and newer neurosurgical operations, operated the brain of a 3-month-old baby for the first time in Azerbaijan. A child weighing 6.5 kg had such complications as convulsions and loss of consciousness. Although the parents of the child turned to several neurosurgeons, no one wanted to have surgery to remove a tumor in the brain of such a small child.  Rauf Sadikov was the last hope of the parents. During magnetic resonance and computed tomography, large tumors and hydrocephalus were found in the brain of a child.

On the seventh day after the operation, the baby was discharged from the clinic. During the next MRI study, nothing was detected.

For such a small child, an operation for a brain tumor was performed for the first time in Azerbaijan.