Instructions on how to teach a child to the pot

Step 1:

The child must be physiologically ready for potty habits. In the interval from one year to one and a half years, the child begins to feel the filling of the bladder and the desire to urinate. During this period, you can accustom the child to the pot.

Step 2:

Let the child get used to the new subject. Leave the pot in the room. When a child is interested in a new subject, tell him what it is and seat the child on the pot. It is important that the pot is comfortable for the child.

Step 3:

Show your child a prime example of how to use the pot. Let his elder brother or sister, or a child who came to visit him, and who knows how to go to the pot, help him.

Step 4:

Discard the disposable diaper when the baby is at home. The child must understand the connection between wet panties and urination. When your child's panties become unpleasantly dirty, explain to him that if he does his act on the pot, his panties will remain dry and clean. Wear comfortable baby pants or pants with a rubber band that your child can easily and easily take off or put on.

Step 5:

If you notice that the child’s stool and urination are regular and occur at the same time, put him on the pot for no more than 5-10 minutes. You should also put your baby after feeding, before bed and after waking up.

Step 6:

When the child finally, on the potty, does what you expect from him, praise him to further strengthen the successful result of the child in order to know that he is doing the right thing. And the next time he wants to make you and himself happy again.

Step 7:

Periodically remind the child that it is time to go to the pot again (do not ask him if he wants this - most likely he will refuse), if for example he began to play.

Step 8:

Never scold a child or shout at him if he has wet his panties or does not want to sit on the pot. Otherwise, the child will experience unpleasant emotions at the sight of the pot and absolutely refuse to walk on it.

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