Our advantages

1) The only company engaged "INCOMING" in Azerbaijan
2) High quality service, best prices, Russian-speaking staff
3) We cooperate with doctors not only in Azerbaijan but also with doctors from abroad, who are considered leaders in their field and can offer you various types of treatment and professional advice on many issues.

The only company in Azerbaijan that officially represents medical tourism services. We offer you a wide range of medical services in the field of tourism and treatment in Azerbaijan. Due to the climate and rich natural resources, there are 9 out of 11 climatic zones existing on earth in Azerbaijan. With pride, we would like to present to you the health-improving health resorts of Azerbaijan, which have great fame in the world for their therapeutic and preventive abilities.

The luxurious Chenot Palace in Gabala, is a destination "Health Wellness Hotel" that has been built exclusively to support the eminent Chenot preventive and wellness programmes.

The region of Gabala, is the most beautiful part of Azerbaijan filled with a rich and ancient history. The astonished nature, the pure air, and tranquillity, make Gabala the perfect retreat in which our guests could conduct the detox and revitalization programmes in perfect harmony with the environment.  

Prevention and Aging Well Henri Chenot Programme, Recovery from Stress and Re-Energising Henri Chenot Programme, Metabolic Optimizing for Weight loss Henri Chenot Programme, 3-Day Active Detox Programme and etc.This is a global brand at affordable prices in Azerbaijan.

Qalaalti Hotel & Spa - On the territory of the medical and recreational complex "Galaalty" there is a modern Medical-SPA center equipped with unique equipment. The proposed complex of various health and restorative programs helps to improve the condition of the body and increase life expectancy. It offers medical services in gastroenterology-therapy, metabolic restoration-endocrinology, urology-andrology, gynecology, cardiology, neurology, health programs such as the restoration of the Musculoskeletal system, etc.

Sanatorium Istisu - translated as "Hot Water". Healing source, located in Istisu, according to local doctors, eliminates 1001 diseases. Today there are several hospitals on the territory of Istisu, which are designed for both budget and vip guests. The first thing you notice when you arrive at Istisu is the smell of sulfur and steam, curling over the ground. Therapeutic sulfuric water emerges from the depths of the earth, and its temperature exceeds 60 degrees. As part of the natural spring - hydrogen sulfide, sodium calcium chloride, magnesium bicarbonate, and in every liter of water - 30 milligrams of iodine. The list of diseases for which they are treated here is very wide: rheumatism and its side effects (arthritis, polyarthritis, joint pain), skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, neurodermatitis, fungal diseases, eczema), kidney and urethral diseases, radiculitis, prostate , diseases of the liver and biliary tract, gastrointestinal and female diseases, as well as female and male infertility.

Sanatorium DUZDAG - The salt caves of Duzdag are located in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic in Azerbaijan, at an altitude of 1173 meters above sea level. Here patients with respiratory diseases are successfully treated.

Today, in partnership with Medvoyage Tourism, there are more than 30 modern multi-disciplinary clinics and laboratories in Azerbaijan, which provide the widest range of services in all medical fields, including highly professional diagnostics and treatment of diseases in the field of oncology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiology, gynecology, sports medicine, hair transplantation, cosmetology, plastic surgery, etc.

All institutions cooperating with us are equipped with the latest medical technologies, possess modern comfortable infrastructure and operate according to high international standards. In addition, Medvoyage Tourism organized its work with a team of professionals consisting of the best doctors, many of whom are known in certain areas not only in Azerbaijan, but also abroad.

For the convenience of our foreign patients, Medvoyage Tourism takes care of patients from abroad, as well as their families, starting from the day of treatment and before returning to their homeland. Our center for working with foreign patients offers a full range of services for the organization of "medical travel", including assistance in obtaining prior consultation with a doctor, hotel booking, airport transfer, planning medical consultations and procedures, support and translation during treatment, providing communication with doctors after leaving home.