Scientists: artificial vessels - the real salvation for diabetics

Scientists: artificial vessels - the real salvation for diabetics

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Employees of the University of British Columbia say they can reverse the treatment of diabetes thanks to an artificially created system of blood vessels. It is known: in diabetes the vessels have an abnormal thickening of the basement membrane, reports Science Alert.

This thickening disrupts the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and tissues. The bottom line is a whole range of problems, starting with kidney failure and blindness, ending with heart attacks and strokes. Phone adapter

Specialists were able to force stem cells to form blood vessels. These vessels were placed in an environment resembling the environment in the body of a diabetic. It turned out that the membrane of artificially grown vessels thickened in the same way as in real diabetics. Then scientists began searching for a compound that could prevent this thickening. A suitable compound was the γ-secretase enzyme.

According to experts, inhibition of γ-secretase activity can significantly improve the condition of diabetics. Also now, scientists have received a universal test system that will allow you to test the effectiveness of many drugs against cardiovascular and neurological diseases.