Oncologists disarmed the tumor, turning cancer cells into fat

Oncologists disarmed the tumor, turning cancer cells into fat

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The University of Basel has turned the idea of ​​treating metastasis of breast cancer. His staff "caught" cancer cells in the epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMF). This is a normal process during which normal epithelial cells are transformed into a mesenchyme — the precursor tissue of other connective tissues and the source of stem cells, writes “Mail.RU News”.

Cancer cells use EMF to lose their specialization. In the new quality, becoming a mesenchyme, they break away from the tumor and with the blood flow spread through the body, attaching to new places and giving rise to secondary tumors.

Scientists conducted an experiment. They infected rodents with cancer by transplanting human cells. And then they began to make injections of rosiglitazone (an antidiabetic drug that causes the reverse differentiation of some cancer cells) and trametiniboma (an antitumor agent).

After two weeks of daily injections, scientists found that the tumors in the bodies of rodents stopped growing, and all the cancer cells that had entered the transition from the epithelium to the mesenchyme, came out transformed. They have become part of the fatty tissue.