Unknowns about contraceptives

Unknowns about contraceptives

Neurologists talked about the dangers of contraceptives for women

Topics: Psychology, Pharmacology, Research

The University of Ottawa, according to "News Mail.RU", found that taking oral hormonal contraceptives changes the behavior and work of the brain of women. This effect is especially noticeable if the intake begins at critical periods of brain development, during puberty and early adolescence.

As part of the study, scientists examined how, as a result of contraceptives, which began to be taken during puberty and in adulthood, there were changes in the structure and function of the brain, in its responses to stress. The control group consisted of women who did not take contraceptives.

It turned out that women who started taking drugs early had an abnormal brain reaction to stress - it reacted less sharply to it. This means that in critical situations requiring an immediate response, this group of women may react inappropriately. Plus, those who took birth control pills in adolescence and adulthood had different scenarios of brain activity when memorizing information and placing it in short-term memory.

In general, contraceptives alter patterns related to memory and emotional processing, scientists say. This fact explains why a number of women develop mental disorders associated with mood disorders, for example, during and after a course of taking hormonal contraceptives.