Why the coronavirus will not go away by itself without vaccination

Why the coronavirus will not go away by itself without vaccination

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Rinat Maksyutov, director of the Vector Center, is sure that without vaccination Russia will not be able to achieve the necessary indicators of collective immunity for the next epidemiological season, Izvestia reports. According to him, if you do not apply vaccination, you must wait until 70% of the population will get sick with COVID-19. However, it will take years, so the vaccine comes into play. Meanwhile, Maksyutov admitted that 10% of the population, due to the peculiarities of the immune system, do not respond to vaccines.

With regard to the EpiVacCorona vaccine currently undergoing trials, preliminary results of an efficacy and safety assessment have already been obtained. It is known that all volunteers (healthy people 18-60 years old) developed antibodies on the 42nd day after vaccination. And studies on volunteers over 60 years old showed 94% efficiency in the production of virus-specific antibodies and 77% efficiency in the production of virus-neutralizing antibodies on the 42nd day after the first vaccination. Side effects included soreness at the injection site.

"Revaccination" EpiVacCorona "is safe. The booster vaccination itself can be used both after vaccination with any vaccines for the prevention of COVID-19, and for those who have been ill. Now it is necessary to understand what the duration of immunity after using our vaccine. We expect that it will last for a year ", - adds Maksyutov. It also became known that the "Vector" center is investigating the antiviral activity of more than 800 drugs. Several candidates have already been selected.