How to quickly get rid of particles of coronavirus

How to quickly get rid of particles of coronavirus

Researchers were able to quickly get rid of particles of coronavirus

The University of Texas, reports TASS, has developed a technology for the rapid destruction of the coronavirus. To get rid of viral particles in just 0.51 seconds, scientists say, they need to be heated to 72 ° C and then immediately cooled. Scientists call for this technology to be used in ventilation and heating systems.

Temperatures around 75 ° C were known to neutralize SARS-CoV-2 particles. But it takes 1-20 minutes to destroy the virus - a very long time. This time, experts suggest first heating the solution with coronavirus particles, then cooling them almost instantly. The effectiveness was checked during the experiment.

The experts assembled a system with a thin stainless steel tube, which was subsequently submerged in two containers - with oil and with ice. A solution with viral particles was fed through the tube. First, the solution was heated in a container with oil, then it was cooled in a container with ice.

To destroy SARS-CoV-2, it was enough to heat the solution to 71.8 ° C for 0.51 seconds. This reduced the mass fraction of the virus in the solution by almost 100,000 times. Such indicators are quite enough to neutralize the virus and stop its spread.