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MEDPROINFO - It is the LARGEST PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL INFORMATION PORTAL for MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, which brings together health workers from South Caucasus and neighboring countries and forms a single server as a training and conference center.

The PORTAL was created exclusively for doctors, based on their requirements and interests. MedProInfo includes services that meet all the requirements of DOCTORS to save their time. Here they can learn about local and international conferences, webinars, courses, participate in these webinars, publish their abstracts in the journals of these international conferences and popular index journals, and read the latest world medical news, as well as articles and interviews based on the experience of others doctors. They can also publish articles or give interviews to Medproinfo.

Our company Medvoyage Medical Tourism / Education / MICE and MedProInfo portal sign wide-ranging international cooperation, organize internationally accredited CME-certified webinars, conferences for doctors, as well as several weekly and monthly courses for doctors to improve their knowledge in their field.

World-famous doctors from countries such as America, England, Germany, Spain, Iran, Israel, and others take part in the webinars. In terms of courses, in each specialty are organized in the most famous hospitals in different cities in Turkey.
These courses are available both online and in a real hospital. For your convenience, Medvoyage will also organize your safe stay in another country by solving bureaucratic issues related to visa, accommodation in hotels and air tickets. And even more, we can organize your desired event anywhere in the world.
In addition, as mentioned above, Medvoyage and the MedProInfo portal, thanks to their large-scale international cooperation, help doctors to publish their abstracts in more than 40 academic medical journals indexed such as PubMed, ISI and SCOPUS and even publish their articles in MedProInfo. 
It should be noted that in some cases the submitted abstracts are not accepted in high-index journals due to the inability of our specialists to prepare and present their scientific works at a high level, lack of experience in this area. That is why our company undertakes all these difficult tasks. It is enough for the doctor to send us his article.

Given these challenges, MedProInfo provides great opportunities for physicians to provide all services, from medical editing to the preparation of the thesis to the required standards, translation into English, selection, submission and publication of relevant journals!
To take advantage of these services, doctors must be a member of our portal (www.medproinfo.com) (COMPLETELY FREE) or contact us by e-mail (info@medproinfo.com) and our contact numbers. Every doctor who is a member of MedProInfo has the following opportunities:

• Participants have the right to participate in discounted events that we organize.
• Information on local (Azerbaijani) and foreign medical events is regularly sent to their email addresses.
• Participating doctors can post scientific and experiential medical articles and give interviews at MEDPROINFO (FREE).
• We invite (free of charge) participants to take part in the “Meet-Apps” organized by our company.
• MEDPROINFO helps doctors publish their dissertations (abstracts) in more than 40 academic medical journals with PubMed, ISI, and SCOPUS indices.
• As a joint project of MEDVOYAGE Medical Tourism / Education / MİCE and MEDPROINFO, we professionally organize conferences, webinars (online), exhibitions, meetings. You can trust all your events to our professional team.

All you have to do is register on our portal (www.medproinfo.com) or write to our email address (inf@medproinfo.com).

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Tel: +99455 4446313
Email: info@medproinfo.com
Website: www.medproinfo.com