MEDPROINFO is an online navigator in the world of medicine. This is a single server, uniting more than 8000 doctors of the South Caucasus and neighboring countries. Registering with MedproInfo allows doctors to keep abreast of the latest medical news, conferences, courses and seminars. By publishing their abstracts in international journals, by publishing their articles and interviews on our website, by attending conferences, doctors can introduce themselves to a wide audience.

The main goal of the Project is to become a single server in the South Caucasus and closer countries for doctors, heads of medical organizations, managers of medical organizations, pharmacists, nurses, residents and students.

We have created a medical portal for doctors and doctors, with the participation of the best experts, to keep you up to date on the latest developments. Every day we publish articles, talk about new methods of organizing medicine and health care, make news reports about innovations in medicine that most of medical workers can't manage to track independently. İn the medical portal, every specialist can regularly improve their level of training, learn the experience of colleagues.

Join the global medical portal MedProInfo This is the largest information platform for medical professionals. All our professional workers we have selected for years only to find the best of the best in their field. Give chance to professionals to learn about YOU.
Backed by a professional MedProInfo team, you can inform health professionals about the events that you organize. Our professionally operational team will present you with access to all medical seminars and conferences in the world.

For your comfort, we will introduce you the MEDVOYAGE Tourism company which organizes your safe stay in another country by resolving bureaucratic issues related to visa, accommodation in hotels and air tickets. And also, we can organize the event you want in any corner of the world.

By registering for FREE on our portal, our members receive the benefits of the MEDPROINFO portal:

• Participants have the right to participate in discounted events that we organize.
• Information on local (Azerbaijani) and foreign medical events is regularly sent to their email addresses.
• Participating doctors can post scientific and experiential medical articles and give interviews at MEDPROINFO (FREE).
• We invite (free of charge) participants to take part in the “Meet-Apps” organized by our company.
• MEDPROINFO helps doctors publish their dissertations (abstracts) in more than 40 academic medical journals with PubMed, ISI, and SCOPUS indices.
• As a joint project of MEDVOYAGE Medical Tourism / Education / MİCE and MEDPROINFO, we professionally organize conferences, webinars (online), exhibitions, meetings. You can trust all your events to our professional team.

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