Lack of smell and taste

Lack of smell and taste

Coronavirus infections occur in all age groups. Everyone, regardless of age, is at risk for infection. Vasif Aliyev, head of the Working Group on Infectious Diseases of the Medical Territorial Units Management Association (MEDICINE), told APA.

He said deaths were more common among the elderly, those with chronic illnesses, those who were late and hospitalized for a long time. "The lack of smell and taste raises the suspicion that the person is infected with the coronavirus. It is possible that these people have a fever one day," he said. If the smell and taste disappear without fever, the person must be tested for coronavirus, because they are more at risk.

The doctor said that the number of coronavirus infections may increase due to the cold weather. In recent days, the weather is cold, the use of indoor space will increase: "Now people do not meet each other outdoors, and the shorter the distance, the higher the risk of transmission of the virus, the higher the percentage."

V.Aliyev noted that the current situation is not good: “When the number of tests is increased, the number of infections is the same. Sometimes we see a small number of infections, but on those days the number of tests is lower. About 10 percent of the tests are positive. The number of infections is 1,000 when the number of tests is 10,000, and about 1,200 when the number is 12,000. That is, the higher the number of tests, the higher the positive test result. I think the number of infections will increase, given the cold weather and the large number of patients. "

The expert also said that it is good news that Azerbaijan has won the war: “People's attention will be focused on the back rather than the front. Both visits to the wounded and the funerals of the martyrs will be a reason for people to gather. Here, too, people with COVID are advised not to attend such ceremonies because people gather in large numbers. At the very least, they should not hide it and let people know. Sometimes when people think they want to do good, how many people can be infected. Therefore, sick people should not leave the house. Due to such gatherings, the number of infections may increase again.