#PrayforGanja #PrayforBarda #ArmenianTerror

Elnur feat Fidan " Say Hallelujah "

Producer: Yagub Huseynov
Director: Ulviyya Konul
Music: Elnur Huseynov
Lyrics: Jalal Gurbanov
English text : Nigar Hasanzade

The music video is about the horrific missile attacks by armenians on Ganja, Barda and other cities of Azerbaijan, killing more than 90 civilians, including children, and injuring 392 people.

Azerbaijani civilians in residential neighbourhoods are continuously being targeted by Armenia, and the kids are being killed miles away from the conflict zone. This is called warcrime! No one should remain silent to this injustice! #stoparmenianagression #prayforGanjacity #prayforBarda

Together we are strong! God bless our beloved nation, glorious army and fearless President! ????????


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