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İsrail'de yeni koronavirüs aşısı test ediliyor

İsrail'de yeni koronavirüs aşısı test ediliyor

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New coronavirus vaccine being tested in Israel
Israel has begun clinical trials of a COVID-19 vaccine known as "BriLife", Xinhua reports. The vaccine was created by the Israel Institute for Biological Research. This month, about 80 volunteers will be vaccinated at two hospitals. Half of them will receive a real vaccine and the rest will receive a placebo.

Next, for three weeks, scientists will observe whether the vaccinated volunteers will develop antibodies to coronavirus. A second phase of trials is scheduled for December, which will include tests for the safety of the vaccine. This phase will be attended by 960 volunteers. Finally, in the third and final phase (which will take place within the next 6 months), the effectiveness of the vaccine will be tested on a group of up to 30,000 people.

Experts emphasize: the most reliable protection against coronavirus will be observed in those who simultaneously had the infection and were vaccinated. Allergist immunologist Vladimir Bolibok comments: "Even those people who have had COVID-19 and who have antibodies, the vaccine will serve as a revaccination for them. They will receive an antigen, the body will react to it, and their antibody titer will rise even higher than after an illness. They will receive more protection. "

As we know, not all patients have high antibody titers. There are people who have suffered a latent coronavirus, their antibody titer is weak. But those who have been ill in a severe form and received high doses of steroid hormones, the titer is also weak. Of course, if they receive a vaccine, their titer will rise, they will be better protected in the future. "