COVID-19 and the opinion of psychiatrists

COVID-19 and the opinion of psychiatrists

Psychiatrists have compared the COVID-19 pandemic to WWII

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Dr. Adrian James from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, reports The Daily Mail, is confident that, in terms of its impact on the psyche, the coronavirus pandemic is the most powerful shock since World War II. Even when the virus is brought under control, humanity will suffer long-term consequences.

Death of loved ones, unemployment, social effects due to quarantine are some of the few reasons for the undermining of mental health. People complain of anxiety and uncertainty. According to James's estimates, the British example shows that the number of emergency calls due to the aggravation of mental problems increased by 15% from March to July last year.

Moreover, the forecasts of experts say that the number of hospitalized due to coronavirus will soon exceed the indicators of the first wave. All this will result in an urgent need for help in connection with depression and increased anxiety. In turn, healthcare workers may develop post-traumatic stress disorder.