Cannot be worn: AirPods wireless headphones

Cannot be worn: AirPods wireless headphones

Could the pleasure be desired and full, if it is known in advance that the payment for it is a deterioration in health? What about pleasure at the risk of becoming seriously ill? It is unlikely that such a prospect will suit a sane person.

In everyday life, however, we constantly encounter situations where it is harmful, but tasty, harmful, but once we live, harmful, but friends do not understand, harmful, but fashionable, finally. All these cases are united by the presence of advantages for which, as it turns out, we are ready to “cheer”.

Apple encourages the use of AirPods literally everywhere - in transport, at home, at work, in the audience, in bed, at dinner. Live in them, it is mega-comfortable.

Everything would be fine, but there is one caveat - two radiating radio transmitters that are installed directly in the ear canal. A serious debate has already flared up about this. The arguments of AirPods security advocates are based on the fact that the energy emitted by the headphones is not enough to affect the DNA inside the cells. Subjecting himself even to minor radiation exposure, a person still risks his health: radiation can cause radiation sickness, leukemia, tumors, gene mutations. To date, two types of radiation are known: ionizing (high-frequency) and non-ionizing (low-frequency), which includes Bluetooth technology.

The first, more powerful, is able to change the DNA of a cell by squeezing an electron from a molecule (atom). Such mutations can lead to cancer. The second, non-ionizing radiation, surrounds us everywhere - wireless networks, microwave ovens, television signal, mobile communications, the sun. It is much weaker than ionizing and is not able to change the DNA of the cell. However, in the case of wireless headphones, a person brings the source as close to the brain as possible and uses it uncontrollably for a long time, sometimes for hours or even days. How can such a neglect of basic safety rules be explained?
We are used to living with the convenient belief that the purchased product is verified. In reality, this is not so at all. No, there are really many laboratories, and they are well funded. But the development of technology is far ahead of the testing capabilities. It turns out that the technical achievements that we have been using for almost 30 years have not been studied for safety. There are no clear statistics, there is no clinical picture. The reason lies in technologies that are changing too fast, because today mobile communications are no longer what they were yesterday.

The logical arguments and examples of the cynicism of corporations can be infinite. But what matters is what this can teach. Responsibility to ourselves and our loved ones is the only choice that belongs to a person in this world. We can analyze, choose, decide, however, the easier the decision path is, the more difficult it is to resist and not go in the wrong direction. It is important that the person’s choice is informed.
It is clear that Apple will sell AirPods headphones, and competitors with their wireless solutions will rapidly catch up with it. The game already has many manufacturers from Samsung to Bang & Olufsen. We can only not forget about common sense