What time diabetics should play sports

What time diabetics should play sports

Scientists have figured out what time diabetics should play sports

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Australian Catholic University advises to visit the gym in the late evening to maximize metabolism and lower sugar levels at night, writes "Lenta.RU". As part of the study, scientists analyzed metabolic processes in 24 overweight men who were at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and who ate fatty foods.

It turned out that morning and evening training improved the state of the cardio-respiratory system, and training in the late evening reduced glucose levels during the night. As part of the study, volunteers were divided into groups, depending on the time of training - morning, evening, or no exercise (control group).

Regardless of the time of day, exercise improved cardio-respiratory health. But in terms of lowering blood sugar at night, late workouts worked perfectly. According to scientists, this is an important discovery for people with type 2 diabetes, because they often suffer from sugar surges at night.