Dogs from walking can bring the coronavirus home

Dogs from walking can bring the coronavirus home

Topics: Epidemic, Research

Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Chemistry of the National Research Technological University "MISIS", specialist in biological protection Georgy Frolov warns: "Particles of coronavirus infection are easily adhered to the coat of dogs, so it is recommended to wash pets after walking. Wool is a natural material, the virus is perfectly retained on it. and it is easy to wash off. It should be remembered that disinfecting the dog's fur can harm the health of the animal. Therefore, after a walk, the animal is recommended to just wash. "

As noted by the Moscow City News Agency, the expert recalled that the virus particles are flushed without problems from the human body. "The human skin is constantly renewed, a person sweats and friction of the skin on clothes. Due to the work of the lymphatic system, the virus is quickly removed from the human skin. If a person is neat and washed, then there is practically no chance of keeping the virus on his skin. Since there are open wounds in the body, the virus can linger in them and enter the body. It is completely washed off after taking a shower, when washing off, you should use soap or shampoo, "Frolov comments.