Immunity to COVID-19

Immunity to COVID-19

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Scientists find out how long antibodies to coronavirus live
According to TASS, it turned out that antibodies to coronavirus disappear from the bodies of survivors of COVID-19 about 3 months after infection. Since many doctors suggest using the blood plasma of those who have recovered as a medicine for the recently infected, the question arises: when to collect blood to obtain the maximum amount of antibodies. According to scientists, blood should be collected as early as possible.

These are the conclusions from the first long-term observations of antibodies, which were carried out in several European countries. According to experts, herd immunity is unlikely to form naturally due to the fragility of antibodies. Plus, it is known that the coronavirus interferes with the formation of cells that can produce antibodies to it for a long time.

As part of a long-term study, the blood of 15 patients with coronavirus was tested weekly. Scientists were interested in the concentration of antibodies. The concentration of antibodies in the body of former patients has decreased by about half in three weeks. As a result, after 3-4 months, antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 almost completely disappeared.