British surgeons saved the girl with heart outside her body

British surgeons from the city of Leicester rescued the newborn girl whose heart and part of her stomach was located outside the body, writes The Independent. Rare pathology - ectopia of the heart. She was diagnosed with the condition ectopia cordis after a nine week pregnancy scan showed her heart and part of her stomach had developed on the outside of her body. Surgeons at Glenfield Hospital, a specialist children’s heart centre in Leicester, initially believed Vanellope would be impossible to save. They recommended that the pregnancy be terminated, but the girl's parents refused. The girl was supposed to be born on Christmas, but she was born a month earlier - on 22 November by caesarean section-saving surgery began within the hour. Totally newborn required three surgical interventions. As a result, the doctors implanted the heart in the artificial thorax. A team of about 50 physicians fought for the rescue of the girl. Today doctors assess the state of the girl's health as satisfactory. However, what will happen in the future, can not be said for sure, it will depend on its ongoing treatment. The life span of patients with this diagnosis does not exceed 30 years. It is noted that this is the first successful operation of this kind, conducted in the UK.