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New vaccine will stop the spread of chlamydia

New vaccine will stop the spread of chlamydia

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According to Remedium, scientists have tested a new vaccine for the prevention of chlamydia. The vaccine CTH522 was tested on healthy volunteers, and recognized as not only safe, but also capable of stimulating the immune response.

The study involved 35 healthy women. Some were given a vaccine, and some were given a placebo. Negative side effects after the injection of the vaccine were not recorded. Intranasal applying also did not record serious adverse effects. The vaccine allowed to initiate a strong immune response and cause the formation of antibodies that work against the causative agent of chlamydia.

According to vaccine developers, if further tests are successful, people will get a new way to prevent chlamydia. According to official statistics, between 5% and 15% of young sexually active people are infected with chlamydia. Often the disease is asymptomatic. The consequences of infection include: arthritis, damage to the skin, prostatitis, pelvic inflammatory diseases, the formation of adhesions in the fallopian tubes, pregnancy complications and much more.