Treatment of glaucoma in children

Children's glaucoma is a rare eye disease that is one of the main causes of irreversible blindness at an early age. Only timely treatment can help to preserve vision; a highly qualified specialist can select the best methods for carrying out this procedure after a thorough examination of the child’s visual system.

Anti-glaucomatous operations aimed at removing obstacles to the outflow of intraocular fluid are the most radical and most effective method of treating glaucoma in children.

Drug therapy plays an important role in the complex treatment of the disease and includes the adoption of measures to stabilize intraocular pressure, the prevention of gross postoperative scarring, the use of drugs to maintain and enhance visual function, desensitizing and restorative therapy.

Clinical observation of children with suspected glaucoma or with established diagnosis implies a mandatory examination 1 time per month, during which the intraocular pressure, corneal diameter, limb width and visual functions are measured.

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