International Doctor’s Day

 International Doctor’s Day

With the holiday of all medical staff, whose white robes and well-adjusted movements give us hope for a speedy recovery and a happy future! Be happy, dear doctors, let the work brings you only joy. Happy International Doctor's Day!


Every year on the first Monday of October, in many countries, International Doctor’s Day (International Doctor’s Day) is celebrated, which is considered the day of solidarity and vigorous action by doctors all over the world. After all, the main goal of a doctor of any nationality is to improve and preserve the health of patients.

The initiators of the creation of this holiday were the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Medical Humanitarian Organization Doctors Without Borders (Fr. Médecins sans frontières, MSF).

Main traditions

On the International Doctor's Day, seminars, symposiums and master classes are organized around the world. Topical issues are raised, doctors from all over the world are trying to solve different issues, demonstrate their skills to society.