Coronavirus news

Coronavirus news

Coronavirus news: unusual symptoms and main breeding site in the body
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The American Academy of Dermatology has published a new study that describes the new symptoms of COVID-19, according to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. A symptom was identified associated with lesions of the skin of the feet, and sometimes the hands. Doctors say that patients' fingers can become red, "burn", swell and itch badly. Redness of the fingers appears within 1-4 weeks after infection.

At the same time, American virologists showed where the coronavirus multiplies most easily. This place turned out to be the oral cavity (especially the salivary glands, tongue and tonsils). The risk of infection is increased through swallowing saliva or when the virus enters the lungs directly (by inhaling droplets with the virus released during coughing or talking).

Based on this, the researchers emphasize the importance of wearing masks. Symptoms characteristic of "oral contamination" are still being investigated. Now only the loss of taste and prolonged dry mouth is known.