New mutated strain of coronavirus has found in New York

New mutated strain of coronavirus has found in New York

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Two independent research groups have reported the discovery of a new strain of coronavirus in New York and the northeastern United States, CP24 reports. This strain has the ability to evade immunity and resist monoclonal antibody therapy. The New York strain was named B.1.526.

One of the mutations in this viral variant represents the same alarming change that was previously identified in the African strain B.1.351. It is this mutation that allows the virus to escape from immunity and not be afraid of vaccination. Most likely, this strain is the result of mutations that have occurred in the United States; it is a "home" virus.

Columbia University Medical Center found an increase in the prevalence of the new strain between late December and mid-February. In the last 2 weeks, indicators have increased by 12.7%. Mutation in strain B.1.526. named E484K. It is she who saves the virus from immunity and monoclonal antibodies. Meanwhile, the California Institute of Technology announced the creation of software that also recorded an increase in the number of people infected with the B.1.526 strain in New York.