Professor: “We don't wear the mask properly

Professor: “We don't wear the mask properly

Professor: "We wear the mask incorrectly, sometimes we keep it on the chin, sometimes we cover our mouths, but the nose remains open."
“Failure to comply with the rules of protection also leads to an increase in the number of infections. We do not wear the mask properly, sometimes we keep it on the chin, sometimes we close our mouth and the nose remains open. In fact, the mask should cover the mouth and nose, that is, the respiratory tract. "

This was stated by the chairman of the medical-scientific commission under the medical council, professor Akif Gurbanov.

Sometimes people mistakenly believe that the pores of the tissue on which the mask is made are larger than the size of the virus, and the virus passes through these pores, he said. The virus spreads inside these aerosols. We only wear a mask to contain the aerosol. Correct use of the mask can protect us, otherwise it can increase the number of infections. While it is important to keep your distance, which is another important condition, in some cases this is not possible. Sometimes on public transport we cannot protect ourselves from close contact. However, by wearing a mask, we compensate for the close contact. "

According to the professor, hand hygiene includes thorough hand washing and, if necessary, disinfection with disinfectant and antiseptic solutions: “When washing hands, you should wash their entire surface. In this case, the virus can leave our hands. If we wet our hands with water but don't wash them well, it can cause an infection.

Gurbanov recalled that experts had warned of an increase in all respiratory infections in the cold season: “We have already reached this period,” he said. These include influenza and flu-like illnesses, as well as other respiratory infections, including the new coronavirus (COVID-19) strain. This is one of the reasons for such a sharp increase in the number of infections, which does not depend on us. But there are also reasons that depend on us. Since the last month, this has been associated with some psychological problems. That is, during the war, we are psychologically relegated to the background of infection control. This played a role in the increase in the number of infections.

Currently, there is a special quarantine regime in our country. Although restrictions are imposed in quarantine mode, mitigation is carried out after a certain period of time. At this time, contacts increase. If people are not properly protected, increased contact can also increase the number of infections. Therefore, as contacts increase, we must defend ourselves more seriously. In this way, we can control infections. Schools were opened some time ago, businesses and public transport were operating at full capacity. This increased the number of contacts. As the number of contacts increases, the number of infections will not increase if we follow the rules of protection more strictly. We must be very careful today. The war continues. We are looking forward to good news from the front and a big victory. In this case, the fight against COVID should not be overlooked. Because our healthcare system should be at the service of our army, our soldiers, and should not be burdened with serious coronavirus patients. We show patriotism by protecting ourselves and those around us. It is possible that the disease in an unprotected person will be mild. This person should be aware that he can become a source of infection and infect several people, and those infected can be hospitalized in serious condition. Especially during this period, we must be more careful and strictly guarded. This can play a role in bringing our victory closer. "