Stress is better to "drink" and not "eat", the expert advises

Stress is better to "drink" and not "eat", the expert advises

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Endocrinologist, Ph.D. Zukhra Pavlova admits that many people try to "seize stress." However, this can be dangerous. "Stress eating is an eating disorder because we try to compensate for stressful situations with food. Even if you eat healthy food, it's still bad. The very fact of jamming stimulates you to eat. Even if you eat stress with healthy food today, tomorrow you may not have it at hand, and you go for a hamburger or something.

You don't need to eat, you need to drink. When we drink stress, we break the logical chain when the brain in a stressful situation stimulates the adrenal glands to produce the stress hormone, that is, cortisol. When we drink water, this connection stops, and hormones are not produced, "says the doctor.

The expert also suggests combating stress through exercise, Sputnik Radio reports. According to her, here the load will act as a natural defense against stress. She emphasizes: "Physical activity helps a lot. Why, when a person is nervous, does he start to walk? This is such a protective reaction, but it can be stimulated deliberately. If you do something physically, then stress is reduced. Therefore, a person is safer than seizing stress "