A new map of the liberated territories will be compiled soon

A new map of the liberated territories will be compiled soon

 Armenians, who have been trying to create a fictitious history for years, forgot that they were moved to Karabakh in the early 19th century and tried to create history for themselves in our ancient lands. The monuments, which they could not change, were destroyed. Even tombstones have fallen victim to Armenian vandalism. However, there are traces of Azerbaijanis in the ancient cemetery, which they have not been able to destroy. Attempts were made to rename and Armenianize 220 settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh and surrounding areas.

This vandalism against history will be remembered by their names. All destroyed monuments will be presented to the world community as they are.

Armenians trying to erase the traces of Azerbaijan from Karabakh are now fleeing Karabakh without a trace. Despite occupying so much territory, they have not been able to do any improvement or development. On the contrary, they have illegally cut down our forests, used our natural resources in our illegally occupied lands and sold them to foreign countries, opened illegal roads and continued to settle new Armenians in our lands until the last month. Let me note that Karabakh is one of the most beautiful lands of Azerbaijan.

" Karabakh is Azerbaijan! Those lands will be revived, life and children's smiles will return there. Azerbaijani citizens will live with dignity in those lands. We will build cities on the liberated lands and turn them into paradises," said President Ilham Aliyev.